Berlin, it's where I've been!

I'm back! I had such a lovely time in Berlin ♥. First of all, sharing 5 days with my amazing mom was a treat! Second of all, what a city! We had 3 full days to see as much as possible, but it wasn't nearly enough for this big city. Berlin is vibrant, a city that never sleeps. It's modern, but also has a lot of old buildings and monuments. The best of both worlds so to speak :). Every district has it's own unique look, people, monuments, graffiti... The hotel we stayed in was about half an hour  driving from Berlin's centre. Well actually 20 min. because my mom drives like a mad woman :p. The traffic was wild and crazy with a lot of honking and speeding. So we fitted right in ;).

On our first day, we went to see the Berliner Mauer, the largest piece left is painted by several artists and is called 'East Side Gallery'. It was very pretty, and yet special because of it's sad history. After that we visited the Jewish Museum, it was impressive and very instructive. But it was also sad and sometimes less enjoyable :(... That evening, our search for a cute veggie place began! Berlin has a steak house at almost every corner of the city, so I was a bit scared! But not to be mistaken, it counts a lot of veggie bars as well, there just a bit hidden ;). We decided to search the internet for it and found 'Seerose' which was soooo cute! I really recommend it if you are planning to visit Berlin! It was cheap and delicious!

On our second day, we visited Berlin's upper east side! The Pariser Platz with the ancient Brandenburger Tor, and close by was also the amazingly pretty Berliner Dom. After that we got on the road again to another chic neighbourhood; Kurfürstendamm, known as one of the most famous avenues in Berlin. I'll be honest with you, I didn't like it. I didn't like the huge fashion warehouses, it's just way too commercial and because of the rich people walking around, there were also a lot of wanderers fishing in trash cans and begging for money :(. Well, let's just say it wasn't my thing :). That evening we ate at La Mano Verde. A bit more expensive but again very Delicious!

On our third and last day we decided to 'shop till we drop'! And this time not in a chic neighbourhood with commercial warehouses, no no! We went to Prenzlauer berg and Kreuzberg, the districts with the most vintage, retro and secondhand stores in Berlin! Oh how I loved it! How I wanted to live in every store! How I wanted to spend allll my money! And so I did :)... I bought not one but five vintage dresses, a pair of vintage cowboy boots, a really old cute little deer and more cute little knick knacks. Yes, I truly recommend everyone to visit these districts! But most of all, the Oderberger Straße in Prenzlauer Berg! We had a little lunch at the most cutest place; 'Sorgenfrei', a diner and store in one! Delicious food and lovely vintage items, I recommend! {Will take pictures soon of all my pretty findings!} That evening we ate at Yellow Sunshine. The food was ok but I didn't much like the neighbourhood, it felt a little criminal and unsafe.

And so our Berlin adventure was already over :(! I was sad to separate from my mom, but also happy to see my love and kitties again :). I took over 300 pictures and I haven't sorted them all out yet, but I placed a bunch in my flickr stream. Check them out if you like :)!

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  1. ziet er superleuk uit nikki! als ik eens naar berlijn ga zal ik je zeker om advies vragen! ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe aanwinsten, krijgen we foto's te zien?
    xxxx maarie

  2. Ik heb al zoveel goeds over Berlijn gehoord, ik moet nu toch echt eens een trip gaan plannen hoor. Je enthousiasme heeft me geraakt!

  3. Wow, the trip sounds so dreamy! Well, except for the Fashion District part...your words really took me on a journey!

  4. Good to see Greta again! Hope you had a great time! xxx

  5. Ik ga in Juli, dus ik hebje gepinned op Pinterest met dit blogje ;)

  6. Nikki, can you believe i bought that green floral dress in your photo from Veb orange when i was in Berlin last!? what a weird coincidence!!! i even remember drooling over it when i read this post for the first time!

  7. Seriously!? That's amazing :)! I tried it on but it didn't fit me, and I was very sad about it but I'm happy it found a good home. We really do have the same taste don't we :)?