Animals day 4th October

Because I couldn't imagine a life without them...

~Scalloped frames by Pugly Pixel~


  1. Your kitties are just too adorable! I hope the photo shoot went well. I hope you will be able to share some of the photos of your wonderful house!

  2. Do your cats pose or do you have to chase them around with your camera? Either way they look gorgeous (and a bit arrogant, but that's what cats should look like).

    (What a great discovery, your blog!)

  3. These are some adorable kitties! I love my kitty and your Frutsel reminds me of me of him. Love your beautiful!

  4. Your kitties are soo sweet! I can imagine you can't live without them. I feel the same about our little girl Molly. She's so sweet, I could eat her :-) Lovely blog by the way!