Turquoise and an Award

Hey girls!

I painted my wall!
It's something I've been wanting to do for ages
but never got around to actually do it.
So why now? Well...
It's quite exiting...
My house is going to be in a Dutch magazine :D!
In the 'YES' to be precise :).
Now I don't think I'm allowed to give you lots
of scoops, but a little impression of how the colour
turned out can't hurt right? And when the article is
published (which will take a while I think) I'm sure
I can post some pictures from it here for the foreign
readers ;). So, here goes... TURQUOISE!

Do you love it? I do :)!

And now, another award :)!
I love getting awards, it's always very flattering!
I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I accept awards
without following the additional rules because I have
trouble coming up with new interesting facts about
myself every time ;). Sorry!
But to keep up the balance, I'm going to do so right now!

Thank you Smotzy, for this lovely 'versatile blogger' award.

And ofcourse, the rules:

~ Thank the award giver
~ Tell 7 things about yourself
~ Pass it on! (max. 15)

Helping me with the '7 things' is my book Listography.
This is a book full of lists with facts about yourself,
a sort of journal!

1: I once had a little goat named 'Gijsje'.
He lived in our house like a dog and had a stable in our
2: When I was a little girl living in The Hague, I
had a best friend named 'Roos'.
3: I have lived in at least 12 different houses!
{my parents moved a lot, especially my dad}
4: Being a little girl I was HOOKED to a series
of movies named Angelique and I was madly in love
with the male lead 'Geoffry'. Silly me ;).
5: I have once worked at the children's department
of 'Ikea', but due to an illness I was fired :( boohoo.
6: One of my biggest fears is not being able to have children.
7: I like to read while I'm on the toilet ;).

And the award goes to:
My dear friend Pâmela from Feito Com Amor!


  1. Nikki~Thank you so much for visiting my blog and adding me to your blog list! You made my day. Your blog is so wonderful! Congratulations on your home being featured in the magazine, how exciting. I love the color you chose, it looks so fabulous with your wallpaper(which I am seriously swooning over).


  2. Wauw, je huis in de yes, Geweldig!! Ziet er gezellig uit zo met dat blauw aan de muur!

  3. Heel gaaf zeg dat kleurtje! 't Staat er erg goed bij. Ben benieuwd naar je huisje in de Yes straks! ^_^ Alvast veel plezier met alle voorbereidingen en een fijn weekend!

  4. Turquoise is my favourite color..did you see my chair?
    Anyway..well done!!!

  5. Het ziet er zo gezellig en uniek uit in je huis!! Haha, Pipi Langkous aan de muur... prachtig!!!

    Saskia :)

  6. oh... your blog is so cute! i´m following!

  7. oh i LOVE the new wall!!!
    one of my *fav* colors of ALL time :)