New webshop design

Hi Folks!

My new dutch webshop design is online :)!
I finally purchased the commercial license
on some of Danielle's Kitschy Digitals kits and
used them for my webshop.

I'm really happy with how it turned out :D!
There are no products on it yet, I haven't succeeded
making pretty pictures because of the none showing
sun for the past couple of days :(. But today it's
shining, so who knows, I'm working on it!

Also, back are my 'vintage goodies'. In the past I
removed them from my webshop because I thought they
didn't match my handmade products well, but I missed
them so much and I always have so much fun finding
pretty things that I decided to give it another go ;)!
Teehee! I'm so exited!




  1. Oh, het ziet er super uit!!! Ik smelt gewoon... dat wordt wat als er ook nog producten in komen te staan!!

  2. Het ziet er heel mooi en zoet uit! Leuk ook dat de vintage spulletjes weer terug zijn! ^_^

  3. Your blog is so super cute :-) One of the most adorable blogs I´ve seen for a while!

  4. Wat mooi! Ik wordt altijd helemaal vrolijk van jouw blog!