Livingroom Update

I'm still working on making my livingroom
extra extra pretty :). This is what happened
last week:

I sewed curtains for this chest. It was so dull
before and filled with mess, which is now invisible ;)!
Funny detail; I bought this chest from an elderly
couple for only 20 bucks {15 euro}! A couple more
curtains and then it will be finished.

I painted this little house cabinet lilac and filled
it up with vintage wallpaper and cute figurines.

I sewed another pillowcover :)! The one with the matryoshka dolls.
I have four more to go, two little ones for in the livingroom
and two little ones for in the bedroom.

That about sums it up :)!


  1. Dat ziet er al heel mooi uit! Gezellig met al die kleurtjes!
    Wij zijn ook nog op zoek naar zo'n lekkere grote kast waar veel zooi in past :-)

  2. Oh, ja, wat mooi! Geweldige stofjes.

  3. I love that little house cabinet. I really want to find one myself!

  4. Wow! I am super jealous of your livingroom :D

  5. I really love your matryoshka dolls pillow cover!
    It's beaut!

  6. Thank you for putting my button in your links:) You'r blog is lovely! Lots of love from Barcelona

  7. oh SO pretty!
    what inspiration. . . those pillas!?!
    too sweet.
    i am jealous. . . it all looks fantastic!

    p.s. do you like Star Wars?
    i do!
    and yes. . . to answer your question. . . Indiana's shirt did say "Return of the Jedi" :)
    she is a "Warsy" too! ;)

  8. I <3 the lil bunny house! My sister has a similar set up (she's leaving the country soon so I may go round and steal all her little animals before she goes ;)
    x Beth x

  9. Oh my goodness! Everything looks so wonderful. I just adore the pillows you are making! You have me very inspired.