Butterfly Garden

Last week, my friends and I went to
a special garden filled with tropical butterflies.
It was SO pretty!

If you dipped your hands in sugar water or fruit,
they sat on your hand for quite some time, dipping
their little tongue on your fingers.
Truly Magical!

I had so much fun taking pictures of these

beautiful creatures <3! One came to sit on my shoulder and some on the heads of my friends!

So many different colours and sizes!
Wait till you see this one:

Cute and fluffy!!!

Afterwards we went for a little drink and snack to
a cute little place where they had all sorts of old
flowery china and de-li-cious foooood!

It was just the perfect day!


  1. Wow, that would be amazing to go to one of those. Butterflies are so beautiful. I'm glad you took pictures! I'm jealous ;)

  2. Wow those butterflys are really beautiful!!

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  4. Those are pretty pictures! I love photographing butterflies but sometimes it's really hard to catch them in one place long enough. Great job!

  5. Geweldig zeg al die vlinders, mooie foto's! Het is zo wonderlijk als ze op je vingers komen zitten. Een zomer terug had ik het in onze eigen tuin. Er kwam er zo eentje op m'n vinger zitten voor een tijdje. Prima plek om foto's te maken zou ik zeggen!

  6. Your blog is so lovely !
    nice shoots <3
    I follow you :) byeee

  7. These photos are AMAZING! Such gorgeous butterflies!

  8. Via via hier terecht gekomen.. wat een leuk blog!
    Enne... welke vlindertuin was dit? Echt leuk!

  9. Die ene bij die Universiteit in die provincie die begint met de 'U' ;)