{ Week-end with Mom ♥ }

The last few days I was with my mom in Drenthe.
Her relationship recently ended, and she could
use a little distraction.

I went there by train, 2,5 hours of travelling
and changing trains 3 times :( yuck! But seeing
my mommy again made everything right.

And of course seeing my beloved Morus again,
the cat that was once mine. He lives with my
mom now so she can enjoy his company and he
isn't bothered by my young busy kitties at his
old age. Also, her house is bigger and he can
go outside whenever he pleases because she
installed a cat flap in her door. Actually
it's more like a door because Morus is so big,
she had to buy a dog sized flap :D! Just look
at the size of his paw :)!

Saturday we went to 't goed', a thriftshop.
I scored amazing goodies, like a huge crocheted
blanket I adore, and all kinds of flowery plates.
I haven't taken pictures of it yet, so here's a
picture of lil' ol' me instead :).

I'm wearing my new cardigan and made a headband
to go with it.

Sunday we went to a little french flea market in
'Eexterveen'. They had sheds filled with beautiful
antique sacred Maria figurines and chandeliers.

The only drawback was that everything was soooo
expensive, so I had no choice but buying nothing,
while I sure wanted to:

All in all I really enjoyed our weekend together,
I wish I could see mom more often, but it's just
the way it is for now.




  1. Wat een mooie spulletjes zeg, echt jammer dat alles zo duur moest zijn. Ik hoop dat jij en je moeder het leuk hebben gehad, erg lief dat je naar haar toe ging om haar af te leiden.

    groetjes Adriana

  2. Glad you had a good weekend with your mum, that chandelier is beautiful.
    I've passed on an award to you by the way, check out my blog!

  3. Dat klinkt weer als een gezellige paar dagen! Die poot inderdaad van Morus, woehoe wat een grote! ^_^ Ben benieuwd naar de foto's van je gescoorde 'goed' ;). Wat jammer zeg dat al die beelden zo duur waren... er zitten hele mooie tussen en leuk vestje heb je!

  4. Everything at the flea market looks lovely lovely :) Shame it was a bit pricey.