Stats - Scraps 'n Doodle!


Here it is, my last post before going on vacation!
The last couple of days I've been cleaning the house
and writing endless instructions for the kitty-sitter.
I really don't like leaving my kitties for 10 days :(
it makes me sad. But I know I'm going to have good
times in BELGIUM! Every year we go to a big villa in
Belgium with a big group of friends. All of my closest
friends are in this group and I love having them a couple
of doors next to me in the Villa! This year we are leaving
with 22 peeps! Every year there are some newbies in the
group and sometimes they stay with us forever :p.
So here is my scrap for this week :)!

I really hope I'll be able to use internet in the Villa...
Last year we had a really crappy connection :(.
So there is a possibility that this blog remains empty
for 10 days! But when I'm back I'll make it up to you
guys, pinky promise :)!

I have one last doodle for you this month! It's July's
last topic; 'hats'! But since I missed the first topic
'friendship', I combined the two of them :)!

Chelsea Ann from Ittybittybirdy asked me to come up with
the topics for August! Isn't that neat? So I'll keep doodling
while I'm in the villa, I just don't know yet if I'll be
able to show you guys! I will try to keep you up to date via
photo's on Flickr, is that an idea? So if your curious,
check in there now and than ;).

Today I'm going to clean some more and of course pack
my bags! This will be tough 'cause I sorta want to
take my entire closet with me, yet only so much can
fit in to my suitcase :(. Ah, a well known woman problem
I guess, right :D?

Bye everyone, seeya in 10 days or so!



  1. Een hele fijne vakantie!! ik zal 'je' wel missen ;-) Heel veel plezier!! liefs, Nancy

  2. Fijne vakantie hè, geniet er lekker van.

    groetjes Adriana

  3. Enjoy your vacation!
    I'm sure you will though ^_^

  4. Oooh zo herkenbaar, dat je jouw lieve katjes gaat missen... Ik was dit weekend ook weer een dagje en nachtje weg en dan mis ik Chico ook zo! Maar je hebt vast een goede kitty sitter. Mooie scrap en toffe doodle. Heel leuk ook dat jij de onderwerpen voor augustus mag bepalen.
    Heeeel veel plezier op vakantie, geniet ervan met z'n 22-en! ^_^