Doodley Doo - Where are you?

I'm so behind on my doodles :(
I don't know how that happened...
I lost motivation and inspiration and
the further behind I get the harder it
is to start again. This sucks.
I promise I won't give up I'll keep trying.

My head is buzzy redecorating the livingroom!
There is one wall that needs to be stripped of
old ugly wallpaper and painted again. And I have
a little wooden wall that I want to paint turquoise :)!
I'm looking for a cute carpet to put in front of the
couch and two cute footstools/tables to put on it.
I'm sewing retro curtains, tablecloths and pillowcases
and ordered several vintage pieces of wallpaper to
put together above the couch.
I'm so curious about how it will turn out :D!
Here are some inspirational pictures:

I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow... I have no idea
what I want though... Any ideas?



  1. Well... it's a perfect time to focus on redecorating so I shouldn't worry :) And I would go for a emo-like haircut - I think it's cute yet fierce ;)

  2. Oeh wat leuk!! Ik hou ook zo van het opnieuw inrichten en verven en behangen van een kamer. Ik wacht nog steeds tot onze slaapkamer voor af is...het schiet steeds meer op bij ons. Ben benieuwd hoe het bij jullie gaat worden!
    Jammer van de doodles, maar misschien kan je nog tijd en inspiratie vinden, niets forceren lijkt me.
    En bij de kapper... hmm... moeilijk! Ik doe altijd wat inspiratie op internet op, misschien kan je daar iets vinden wat je leuk lijkt?

  3. I just fluffed and added new pillows and pictures at my house too. I feels new again! I guess I'm getting ready for the winter months that are coming. Can't wait to see who you decided to do!

  4. Wow, wat een leuke kussentjes. Heel gaaf. Kan zeker wat inspiratie opdoen in die foto's.

    groetjes Adriana