10 days of joy

Hey Everyone!

I'm back! I had the most lovely 10 days with my closest
friends in a huge villa. And when I say villa I mean VILLA!

Can you believe this was my house for the past 10 days? I wish I could ship it to my current
home town ;)!

A group of 22, some of my closest friends, some newbies who I adored and of course two precious doggies!

This was the 4th year in this house and I've been having the same bedroom for 3 years.
It has calming blue walls and I feel very at home there. Especially when I bring some
deer to cosy up the room ;).

The deer also requested a special
photo shoot in the garden :p.

On the first day we discovered a pretty caterpillar in the garden. I really enjoyed taking pictures
of it :)! It's a common creature who will eventually grow into a moth. But his colours are breathtaking.

I've been back home for one day now and I'm already having trouble remembering what
I did those 10 days :(! I visited the village 'Spa' a lot to take pictures and shop for cute
goodies. I ate French macarons for the first time in my life (yum, they were good!) and my friends
and I went to the 'Thermen' to swim and sit in the sauna :).

I bought two cute dresses (one with kitties on it!) and I found the most precious deer figurine at an
antiques market, the woman selling it to me spoke French so I couldn't understand a word she was saying
(dropped French in 2nd grade). My friend heard her say something like 'tres vieux' which means really old.
When she wrote down the year 1920(!) I almost couldn't believe it!

Some of us went to the forest to enjoy the pretty nature. I loved it! We picked raspberries and they
were delicious :)!

I also posed on a rock in a river,while my friend Ghislaine took pictures.

We visited nearby towns, barbecued, laughed, played games, made music together, drunk till
we were silly, discovered new friendships and lots more.

And now I'm home and there's this empty feeling, missing the 21 friends I spend my days with and 
learned to love even more than I already did :(.

I also miss this silly little creature:

Her name is Alice and when her 'daddy' wasn't around she chose me to follow around all day. 
I grew really fond of her and she softened my sadness from missing the kitties.
 My hubby saw how I was with her and we talked about having our own dog one day. 
I can't wait :)! But first, little Alice's boss promised that she can stay with us for a short amount of 
time to see if we are up for life with a doggie, and our kitties for that matter ;).

I want to share one last picture of a friend named Chris, because I think it turned out really pretty
and I am thrilled about 'catching' him in such a sweet smile!

And I want to thank all my friends for these precious 10 days we had together! 
I <3 you guys! See y'all soon!

I'll be back on Monday with (hopefully) my missed doodley doo's!



  1. Ohhhh wat gezellig allemaal zeg! Mooie foto's ook!

  2. Wauw! Leuk verhaal & mooie foto's, ben benieuwd naar je jurkjes en beeldje :)

  3. Ziet er goed uit, leuk! Mooie foto's weer!


  4. Prachtig uitgebreid verslag heb je geschreven van je supervakantie! Wat zal het daar gezellig en mooi geweest zijn. Kan me voorstellen dat je dan na de vakantie met een wat leeg gevoel zit, dat heb ik ook vaak. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar het beeldje uit de jaren 20! ^_^ Goede vondst gedaan dus! Leuke hondjes ook, fijn dat ze mee mochten naar jullie villa.

  5. looks like you had a really nice time (:

  6. I'm happy you had such good holidays, the house just looks gorgeous!!!
    About "très vieux", it does mean "very old" which seems confirmed by the photo.
    See you!

  7. Klinkt als een supergezellige vakantie zeg. En wat een schitterende villa! Echt mooi hoor. Leuk dat hertje dat je hebt gekocht, en dat die al zó oud is... gaaf!
    Wat een mooie kiekjes heb je gemaakt. Oh en natuurlijk... Welkom terug. :P

    groetjes Adriana

  8. Wat ontzettend cool! Behalve de wollige rups dan. Bleh. :P

  9. Wat een geweldige tijd heb je gehad zo te zien! Lekker hoor, zo'n villa!

    Gelukkig ben je terug, twas wel stil zonder jou updates! ;)

    Zoe je ook mee aan mijn Give-Away?
    (Heb een tijdje terug die van jou gewonnen!)

  10. Waaah, wat geweldig zeg! :D En welcome home!