Stats Sunday

Hello lovely ladies (and gentlemen?)!
It's time for stats Sunday!
I've been cleaning the house like crazy
the past week. We go on vacation the 2nd
of august and I always like to leave- and
come back in a clean house :).

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well, had a bit of
a rough night. So I watched a movie; 'The Runaways'.
It tells the story of Joan Jett (the first girl to
rock!) and her first band 'The Runaways'. It wasn't
a happy all the time movie but it had really cool
scenes :)!

And today...
Today I'm leaving for The Hague for a couple of
days, spending time with family. I'm getting
picked up in about an hour and won't come back
till Wednesday. So on that note; inspiration
Tuesday will transfer to Thursday again this week :).
And the Doodley Doo I usually post on Monday, will
be posted....
Now! :)

The theme was 'I could use a nap'!

I experimented with watercolours and photoshop this time,
and I was inspired by how my kitties can nap all day.
Did you know you can click on the image to view it bigger?

Well I have to prepare a couple of things before I leave
so it's goodbye now :)! Seeya guys Thursday I think :)!



  1. Ik heb de Runaways ook onlangs gekeken. Ik vond de rollen echt supergoed verdeeld. Houd sowieso van de muziek van Joan Jett. Leuk zeg dat plaatje, ik zou ook wel de hele dag kunnen slapen (nu helemaal i.v.m. mijn Pfeiffer) echt een leuk plaatje, vind dat rode haar echt super!

    groetjes Adriana

  2. Wat een ontzettend schattige tekening!

  3. Helemaal zoals ik me ook voel ;-) Prachtig plaatje weer.. veel plezier!!

  4. Gezellig zeg, even een paar daagjes naar Den Haag! Prachtige tekening hoor! Joan Jett is tof, wij spelen ook een liedje van haar met de band, erg leuk om te spelen.

  5. Prachtig werk... ik kan er naar blijven kijken! ... of nee, dan val ik misschien uiteindelijk wel mee in slaap!
    Leuke details!!!

    Groetjes, Saskia :)

  6. Hi!
    You're SOOOO lucky to go on holidays, I'm dreaming about it everyday... But becasue of a few problems with my pregnancy i'm forbidden to use either the car or the train, so no holidays this year.... Never mind, it'll be for next summer!
    Hope you have a great time!