Stats Sunday

Oh my, it's already time for stats Sunday...
I'm afraid this week was yet another lazy
one though :( so not much to tell.

The boyfriend also has vacation now, a good 6
weeks! He works as a teacher so when the kids
have their summer break, he's free too, yay!
It's nice to have him home and do weekly
routine stuff like groceries together.

I worked on a 'sweet swap' and 'stuffed envelope'
swap. I also made an adorable pencil-role. A fabric
role to put pencils or pens in, you know what I mean?
I made it out of vintage vinyl that used to serve as
a playmat for children.

I really enjoyed making it :) and recycling is so awesome!
Let's see.. what else did I do..
Oh, I've been taking care of my neighbour-friend's kitties
for the last week while she was on vacation. Her kitties
are a bit shy but I really bonded with them <3.
I dyed my hair red.
I watched 4 new episodes of True Blood.
Aaand I think that was about it ;)!



  1. That looks so adorable! And your right, recycling is fun. Specially when you take stuff nobody wants into something wicked cool!

    True Blood is awesome!

    greets, Adriana

  2. That fabric is awesome!

  3. Aww, the fabric is cute ^^
    And I've been meaning to watch True Blood... Currently I'm catching up on The Vampire Diaries, then it's onto True Blood :)