Stats Sunday

What a week!
We had really cold winter, and now a
reaaaally hot summer. Seriously...
I'm not made for this weather! I'm breaking
up with this weather! I hate sunburns on my
milky skin! And the sweat! I hate the sweat!
I'm dripping all day, yuck! The only thing I
like about this weather, is if I go in the sun
a lot, I get freckles. But the last summer I was
in the sun a lot and thus had lot's of freckles was
a good 5 years ago. Wanna see a picture :)?

Omg! I was still in braces :)!

As for this weeks stats...
I didn't do very much, I actually was pretty lazy the
entire week :). I went to see Eclipse with a friend
and read the book 'The vampire diaries' because I was
curious how different it was from the tv show.
I did some photoshop work for a friend's webshop
and...I doodled! But more on the doodle's tomorrow.

Now... The Dutchies are in the fifa worldcup finales!
The Netherlands against spain... who would win?


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