a day in The Hague

Yesterday, I went to visit my dad and brothers
in my birth town The Hague, which we call 'Den Haag'.
It's about an hour travelling from my place with
Public transport. I don't really like public transport
:( always so many people. Luckily my close friend
Lies went to The Hague for work that day, so we
travelled together. We had a good time :)!

I really missed my dad and brothers, we speak
to each other a lot on the telephone but hugging
is so much better. Especially with my little brothers.
Those tiny body's pressed tight to yours, oh I love it :)!

Here is a picture of my dad and the little ones:

Aren't they cute :)?
The eldest little one called me 'his sister' for the first
time yesterday. Oh how I melted. It's a bit difficult for
them to understand the family situation since we don't share
the same mother and there is a huge age difference.
But when a classmate of him came to see him he said,
very casually, 'well, this is my sister' :)!!!

My big brother was there too. Our age difference is nearly
noticeable, there is only 11 months between us. I am so
proud of who he's becoming. He almost finished the police
academy and he recently had his motorcycle licence.

^ Big one and little one on the motorcycle :) ^

Yes, a lovely day it was, I should do it way
more often!



  1. Oh wat ziet dat er gezellig uit zeg, heerlijk zo tijd doorbrengen met je familie, lekker weertje erbij! Klinkt als een superdagje en fijn dat je kon meerijden met een vriendin, 't OV is altijd te druk, helemaal mee eens. Fijne dag!

  2. It is a beautiful moment with your family, and thank you so much for sharing with us.