Blog Refreshment

Hi y'all!

Noticed my new design yet :)?
What do you think?
I think it's amazing :P!
Danielle Thompson from Kitschy Digitals makes such cute kits.
I'm very happy I'm allowed to use them for my blog ^_^
And of course Pugly Pixel's tape strips!

My blog has become way more personal than I first
planned. I thought it was going to be mainly about
Liefgeval, but it happens to be a lot about the girl
behind Liefgeval :). I kinda like that, so the header
now says 'personal blog'. As a kid I kept a lot of
diary's and when I grew up I sort of forgot all about
it. But this in some way is my new diary, and when
I'm old and wrinkly, I truly hope this still exists.

I want to add a little bit more discipline to it!
And this is how I plan to do it:
I thought of a couple weekly posts for my blog!

~ Inspiration Tuesday
~ Saturday Scrapday
~ Stats Sunday

At least I think this is what the names are going
to be :p unless I think of something cuter.

Tuesday I'll post pictures from wherever that inspire me.
Saturday I'll post a (themed) scrap page I created.
Sunday I'll write about things that made me happy
that week or silly things like which movie I watched
or which book I finished. All sorts of things :).

I'm sure the Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday will come
that I'm not feeling like blogging, that's okay I
think, I'm doing this for me. But I'll sure try my
best :)!

I also want to try a little thing Ittybittybirdy
set up. It's called: 'Doodley Doo, why don't you?'.

A weekly art challenge to motivate herself (and others)
to create art on a weekly basis.
Last weeks theme was Friendship, and I already failed
the deadline because I threw everything I drew away...
It just sucked :P! So I'll try again this week :).
Who knows, maybe I'll draw something I like one day ;).

That's all!
Seeya tomorrow :)!



  1. Ziet er goed uit!
    Ik ben groot fan van je blog, dat weet je, geniet er altijd van 'm te lezen.
    En in de toekomst waarschijnlijk nog meer, ben benieuwd!

  2. Wat leuk zeg! 'k denk dat het heel fijn kan zijn om een soort vast patroon in de week te hebben om te bloggen, ben heel benieuwd naar je 'weekly posts'! Je blogdesign vind ik prachtig, serieus, vet compliment voor jou, ontzettend knap gedaan!
    Hele fijne dag vandaag!

  3. oh you are too fun! I once did a post a day in May and it really was fun! And it really wasn't that hard! Try very hard not to throw away your drawings :( I know I am a stinker and do the same thing... but having the weekly deadline makes me realize I have to show something! My advise would be to get a light box. You can work one layer over the next until you get your drawing just the way you want it. I couldn't live without mine. They run like $30 I think... Chelsea Ann