The adventures in The Hague, and more!

I had a precious couple of days.
As I said, I was in The Hague, the city
of my roots, the city of my family.
My sweet mom came to pick me up with her
super fast sports car and I loved being
in the car with her because that woman...
that woman can drive! And she gave me a
super cute present!

A vintage real silver deer brooch, I love it!!!

We were staying in my brothers home with his
two adorable cats while he's baking in the sun
with his girl Nina in Turkey. I had a lovely
photoshoot with one of his cats 'Keesje'.

Don't you just love that little spot on her nose :)?

The other kitty 'Whiskey' is such a doll as well.
I'm very sad to announce that we saw her last on
Monday evening :'(... We are still waiting for her
return. The two of them are allowed on the roof and
she must have jumped off. We searched the roofs from
top to bottom, the nearby gardens, posted notes about
her and called animal shelters. I am so sad about
it and even more for my brother and Nina who return
next Saturday. My mom just called that she was spotted
in the neighbourhood!!!!
They will go on a second search tomorrow. I really hope
they find her, at least before Saturday...

Another animal story, with luckily already a happy
ending is that my mom and I found a little bird who
looked a little...lost. We could come very close to
the little fellow but everytime we almost catched him
he flew away. We were sure he wasn't your ordinary
little bird so we kept on trying and eventually succeeded
with a bag borrowed from a very funny and cute old lady
who insisted we used it. And he flew right in it!
In the same street as we found him was a pet store
and we took him up there. With one peek in the bag
the owner immediately said; 'this is a tropical bird,
a Japanese seagull to be exact'. I didn't have my
camera with me but this is what they look like:

Except this one was was really tiny.
The pet store owner put him in a cage together
with other tropical birds and he began to eat some
seeds and calmed down. I was so happy :)! We almost
decided to take him home since he 'came on our paths'
but decided it was best for him after all to stay there.

My mom and I did a lot of shopping! The Hague is a
great shopping city with a lot of thrift shops as well
as cute 'regular' stores.
I always go to one of my favourite stores 'Wwen' in
the 'Prinsestraat', ofcourse I didn't come out
empty handed ;). Here's my mom posing on a
really cute bench I totally want!

When my mom and I go shop together she almost
never let's me pay. I love her so much for that ;)
and for my new shoes, she got a pair as well:

Tuesday evening I had a 'hand reading' from a
talented lady. She said really helpful things
and while I'm not sure if I believe in the super
natural kinda stuff, I would really like too and
she made me come a step closer to believing.
While looking at my hands with a big magnifying-glass
she told me I had sensitive oval hands which means that
I'm a person who cares a lot for others and 'feels what
they feel'. Also that I have an eye for beauty, am very
good with children, and giving warmth. She said more
things but they were really personal. All in all it was
a very special experience!

Wednesday we hooked up with my dad and brothers in the
park, and I managed to get some good pictures of my
never sitting still brothers ;).

Oops! I was caught on tape too!
Unfortunately with my eyes closed :p

This is getting a really long post...
But there is a little more to tell though!
When I came home in a really clean house (my boyfriend
is a cutie, he is now complaining that I should write
an entire paragraph about how awesome he is :p)
I had mail! A while ago I won a giveaway
over at Puglypixel and today it arrived!

So gorgeous! Be sure to pay a visit to her new Etsy shop!

Funny detail; I found a same sort of piggy as
in her pictures while thrifting in The Hague :D!

Phew, time to end this post!
I'll be back ;)!



  1. Zo zeg, dat klinkt als een leuke tijd zeg. Ik ben in mijn leven nog maar één keer in Den Haag geweest samen met mijn vriend. Wij gingen toen naar het strand echt tijd voor shoppen hadden we niet. Maar ja, als er zo'n leuke spulletjes te scoren zijn dan ga ik daar binnenkort toch echt wel tijd voor maken.

    groetjes Adriana

    By the way, ik hoop echt voor je dat je de kat nog terug vind.

  2. Nikki,

    Wat heb je 'n fijne tijd gehad, samen met je moeder!... En dan terug naar 'n proper huis, wat 'n luxe zeg! :)

    Groetjes, Saskia :)

  3. Wat leuk om te lezen! Klinkt als een gezellige tijd in Den Haag. En wat een lief vriendje heb je. ;) Succes met de kattenjacht!

  4. I <3 the vintage deer brooch, very sweet ^_^

  5. Wat een mooi verslagje toch weer! Leuk om te lezen ^_^ . Mooie broche heb je gekregen, tof dat ie echt zilver is. Is Whiskey inmiddels al terug? Keesje ziet er ook al zo lief uit, wat een schatje zeg.
    Onze Chico heeft ontdekt hoe ze door het kleine rennetje naar buiten kan ontsnappen... Gisteren vond ik d'r met wat kippenveren in d'r mond..ahum.. Gelukkig was alles ok met de kipjes, we houden Chico in de gaten.
    Fijne dag!