This and that :)

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't blogged much this week :(
Blogging for me, in my head, goes strictly
together with pretty pictures, but since
I don't have pretty pictures I didn't feel
like blogging...Oh I know it's silly.

But speaking of pretty pictures, I'm finally
ready to buy my first digital SLR camera!
There were a couple of camera's in the race
and my budget doesn't leave me lot of choices...
But... I'm very content with my final decision.

So tomorrow...
I'm going to get....
The Nikon D3000!

I'm so exited! And I just can't hide it!
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!
I know nothing yet about how to handle an SLR so I'll
probably need lot's of practice, but hopefully you
can all view my pretty pictures soon :)!

I need to tell you about the marvellous day I had today!
I went to see Pâmela from Feito Com Amor!
I travelled to her pretty home in 'Brabant' a different
province than I live in, yet only 40 minutes travelling :).
Besides chatting about lot's of stuff she gave me wonderful
marketing advice, and I helped her out with some photoshop
difficulties :). I had such a great time :D!

a few swaps have been completed again,
I received a lot of cute goodies which I will
show you pictures of later. Do you know Cheburashka
(also known as Topple in earlier English translations)?
It's a funny little children's literature cartoon creature
with a really cute face!
My bookmark swap partner 'Minke' adores him so I
transformed him in to a felt bookmark :).
This is the result:

And last but not least...
My hair is really red again ^_^ !



  1. Goede keuze! Heb ik ook en een superdeluxe toestel!

  2. Wat zal jij een mooie foto's krijgen ;-) En de boekenlegger is super!! Wat ontzettend lief!!!

  3. Tof zeg! Heb je net een hele dikke e-mail gestuurd over fototoestellen ;) hihi :) hoop dat je er wat aan hebt.
    Lieve boekenlegger heb je gemaakt! Zal ze vast heel blij mee zijn. Gezellig ook dat je nog weer met Pamela hebt afgesproken, leuk om zo ook van elkaar te leren. Succes morgen met het kopen van je camera!

  4. Moooi packshot! Heb je dat nog met speciaal licht gedaan? En welke instelling? Ben benieuwd :)

  5. @applepiepussy: Ik geloof...dat ik niet zo goed weet waar je het over hebt (#^.^#) Packshot???

  6. It's not silly ! I just blog the same way !
    And congrats with your AWESOME camera, can't wait to see what you're gonna do with it !