Happy Kitties vs Retro Camera

So, my kitties have their kitty proof balcony!
They almost spend the entire day outside :),
catching bugs, eating them, rubbing their stinky
paws through my just seeded earth. But I'm happy
to see them so happy :D!

I found a retro camera app for my pink htc hero phone!
It's quite cute don't you think?
I embellished the pictures with some kitschy digitals

But the frame on the pictures belongs to the application.
The app was also free by the way, so if you have android
on your phone, just seek 'retro camera' in the market section :)!

My shy kitty, Moby, hasn't gone out much yet, only
to take a little peek before hurrying inside again.
Poor thing. She'll come around I guess :).

On that note, enjoy your saturday night and



  1. Oooh... prachtige, lieve foto's!!!

    Nog 'n fijne zondag!
    Saskia :)

  2. how cute!!!
    one of the last kitty i had looks like Moby! <3
    Her name was Jos├ęphine :)

  3. Oh ik gebruik FX camera op mijn HTC. Di egeeft ook coole resultaten, maar heeft dan weer niet die grappige lijstjes.