Caroline van Pelt

Hi Everyone!
It's June already! And you know what?
This is my 100th post! Whoopee!
Here in the Netherlands the sun has finally
came through, so we are all enjoying the lovely
weather. I found out a big pro about my crafty
basement; it stays deliciously cool during these
hot days!

I want to show you an illustrator I found while
browsing the web. Her name is Caroline van Pelt, she's
Dutch like me and I adore her style! She gave me permission
to show you some of her work on my blog, and if you'd like
to know more about her, you can visit her website.

Remember there is major copyright on her work so
keep your little clickity fingers off those images ;)!

So, this gal designed the most adorable deer!
{And y'all know how much I love deer right ;)?}

Soooo cute ^^
And look at this adorable version of lil' Red:

Even the big bad wolf looks like a sweet moppet ;)!
She also designs custom birth cards:

And she just finished a series of birth cards to give:

I want them all :D!

Well, I think you all get my point now,
so I'm going to end this post. Lot's of
swap presents to finish and Blythe dresses
to be made ;). If you are interested in
Caroline's work, you can contact her through
her website!



  1. Wat een mooie vondst zeg haar website!! Prachtig al die hertjes!!!! En wat zou het tof zijn om door haar een geboortekaartje te laten ontwerpen...wauwie!

  2. AWWW!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!! but i can't understand what she wrote on her site... i only know neuken in de keuken ;)

  3. HAHA! And do you know what 'neuken in de keuken' means? Sorry you can't understand her website :(!

  4. Mooie plaatjes!!
    Pardon?... Ga gauw naar haar website! Ha, ha!
    Geniet van de zon!

  5. Heel toevallig stuurde mijn moeder van de week haar website door.
    Groetjes Michaja

  6. Yayyy! fuck in the kitchen ;) ? i met some dutchmen at a festival in germany a few years ago and they tried to learn me dutch but...whatever i only remember this! mh ;)

  7. Hahah! Well you got it right! I think it's a pretty hard language to learn and remember so your forgiven ;). And if you like someone who's dutch you just say ' jij bent lief' okay ;)?

  8. my goodness, i love her site. i especially love the illustration in this particular post:

    happy 100th post, Nikki!!