More shoes ;)

Sorry :D!
Here is another blog about shoes!
I'm a bit of a shoe addict, and posting
my top 10 office shoes helps me for filling
this addiction seeing as I can't buy them.
Blogging about them is the closest I get to
owning them ;)!

1. True Mary Jane's! I actually own a pair of these
but these are the only ones i promise :).

2. Arthur Daily! I can't think of any outfit I would
wear them under, but I just like the style!

3. Benny four eyes! *Totally wouldn't be able to walk
on these* but sooo cute!

4. Aprils Flower! Pink! Pink! Oh, Pink!

5. American Vulc! I'm not a big fan of sport shoes,
but if I had to pick a pair, it would totally be these
bubblegum adidas cuties!

6. Beauty and the Beast! Aren't they completely wrong?
I think that's why I like them :)

7. Pump it up! These are from Killdoll, and I always like

8. Gnome Knot! I love this colour mix, so vintage!

9. Strawberry welly! Cute for festivals!

10. Aaliyahs heart! I only like these because of the
big shiny heart on the nose and the fact that a top 9
sounds lame :p

And now I won't blog about shoes anymore for a very
long time ;)!



  1. these are great! i love them all, and actually tried on the gnome knots when i was in the uk in april. they were hard to resist!