Moosje and his feather

We have tons of cat toys; mouses, balls you name it
we have it. The silly thing is though...they don't
really like them! Moby likes candy wraps, Frutsel
likes my make-up brushes (she steals them out of
my make-up bag and hides them!!!) and Moosje...
Moosje likes, no, LOVES feathers! Every once in a
while we get a big bush of feathers from Joris's
grandpa, who owns a lot of birds, and he is so
cute to collect the loose feathers! When we get
home with the feathers Moos immediately dives in
to my bag to take one! The rest goes to a secret
hiding place till the one he has is completely
destroyed and half eaten (^▽^)!

*Give me give me give me!*

Joris and I love playing with Moos and his feather,
he does all these crazy jumps and starts to meow
like crazy when we hold on to his feather for even
a second too long!

*Purrrrr I luuuuuve my feather*

Unfortunately the little guy is so darn fast, I
always get some scratches during our play time!
But it's worth it to see him so happy ;)!


Yes, cats are the best :)!They do a lot of
silly stuff and are sometimes really naughty!
Like frutsel chewing on everything from expensive
headphone wires to the window blinds!
But I couldn't live without them... my babies.

Joris is also crazy about them, and he better be :p!

What are your kitties like? What do they love to play with?

(^ω^)V Nikki

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  1. Mijn poezemeneer vind eigenlijk alles leuk wat niet van hem is. Pennen, lollystokjes en zijn grootste favoriet is tampons :-D

    Met de mooie ketting die ik gekocht heb op La Feria ben ik erg blij!

  2. Our cat really loves it when I am knitting. If you're not careful she will bite your hand off. Too cute!!!

  3. Please enter me in your giveaway if my name is not already on the list - I am a follower! I love the photos of your kitty - as you know from my blog, I am a cat lover!!!