Little brothers and such...

Yesterday my little brothers and their mom
(not my mom, they are actually half brothers,
but they certainly don't feel that way) went
thrift shopping :D! We had loads of fun!
I didn't make pictures of my sweet finds yet
but i will soon! I did make pictures of
my brothers, i haven't posted much about
them on my blog because i don't want lot's
of pictures of them all over the internet...
but once in a while you just have to see
these cute little faces ;)!

{btw we are not obligated to wear helmets in the backseat in
our country, they just like wearing them :p}

They are now 3 and 4 years old, and I am so
blessed to have them (and their sweet mom for
that matter!!!). They don't live in my hometown
so i don't nearly see them enough :( wich i don't

like, but when i do see them...<3 <3 <3! They actually love thriftshopping and are really helpful with pointing out things we might like, so cute! I got two exiting items in through the mail this week! New 'showboxes' for my handmade rings:

These come in really handy on fairs and such! People
can take a good look at them now :).

And what i also am really stoked about...
Fabric designed by Yasmine from 'a print a day'!
It's soooo gorgeous!
I can't wait to make stuff with it!
Just have to figure out what :)...

Last; wowza! Already so many people joined the giveaway!
And it's so nice to go from 60 to 115 people in a
couple of days! Thank you to all the people who
helped 'promoting'. And welcome new followers!
I can't wait to give away the giveaway :p!



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  1. aww, your little brothers are so adorable!
    And i love that fabric (: