La Feria - Wow!

Hi everyone!
I had such an amazing time today!
Despite of the on going rain {really it didn't stop!}
it was a really fun experience and so nice to meet
all the other crafty girls! In the car on the way
to 'Breda' i was really bummed about the terrible rain
and afraid that things would be cancelled.
But when we arrived Pâmela told us we would be
going to set things up inside, yay! I chose to set
up just outside under the awning, together with 'Tante Tommy'.

The store 'stilleven' was so wonderful! Everywhere
i looked i saw deer, woodland critters and beautiful china.
I couldn't resist taking a really precious deer vase home,
i had to leave the rest of the deer lovelies behind because
it was quite expensive.

My dear friends who came with me to help were so cute!
They have helped me soooo good! Here's a snap of my
little 'crew' ;)

I sold quite a few things, though i believe that if it wouldn't
have rained so bad all day, the turnout would have been bigger.
But i'm already really content :) even if i hadn't sold a single
thing, the experience and fun time with all the girls would have
been satisfactory enough.

Looking at my banner up there still makes my tummy tingle.

Live audience is so different than internet audience,
don't get me wrong i love all you guys. But when people
say out loud that they like your stuff, WOW!
Or maybe they were just sucking up to get candy :p

I handed out a lot of business cards and almost everyone
applied for my mailing list, woooh!
And invisible nylon thread is the best! We used it on
almost everything, keeper! It held up the branches really
nice and the branches were a great success {thanks Arris}!

What surprised me the most was that i didn't sell
a single headband! And they are so cute! These headbands
were inspired by Chelsea Ann, and i felt really awful
about making them at first because i wouldn't want her
to think i was copying her work. And there's such a small
line between being inspired by - and copying. So i wrote
her an email about it and she was so incredibly sweet

and nice! She gave me her blessing <3.

I feel completely beat up and tired from all the impressions,
my cheeks can't stop glowing and with not much sleep last
night, i'm gonna go ahead and throw myself on the couch
with some fine tv shows ;).

Thanks for all your sweet and supportive reactions
on yesterday's post, it really helped me :)!

And also a special thanks to Pâmela, who organized this
and asked me to join La Feria. I wouldn't have wanted to miss
this for the world!

I will photograph 'my precious' :p deer vase tomorrow
and blog about it {and all my other new deer figurines}



  1. Prachtige kraam, lekker vrolijk! Fijn dat je het zo goed naar je zin hebt gehad, wel jammer van de regen inderdaad!
    Ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe vaas ^_^
    Slaap lekker vannacht!

  2. oww, wat een gezellige boel!!! Ziet er leuk uit en mooi gedaan zeg!


  3. Wat ziet dat er leuk uit! Als ik langs zo'n kraampje zou lopen zou mijn (roze met blauwe bloemetjes en rood met witte ruitjes-)portomonee bijna niet in mijn zak kunnen blijven zitten!

  4. Alles ziet er geweldig uit! Je banner is fantastisch!

  5. Wat was het een leuke dag hé :D En wat een lief kraampje!

  6. Fijn zeg dat je het zo naar je zin hebt gehad!

    Mooie foto's!

  7. Everything looks so wonderful!
    Well done lady :D

  8. oh my gosh *squeels* I wish id been there! Your stall looks great, and its all so cute!