I own too much!

I really do! I have way to much junk!
Actually it isn't junk at all, it's all
pretty, but I'm running out of space!
My bedroom cabinet was truly stuffed with
every little knick knack in the house, so
it was time for a clean out. And even now,
the cabinet is pretty full, but it already
looks a lot better :)

And? Have you spotted my new deer book stands :D?

I love them ^^

So now you know what's the first thing I see when I
wake up; a cabinet full of happy stuff :D!

Remember, the giveaway ends tonight! I'm so



  1. Heej Nikki,

    ik ontdek zojuist jouw blog en je hebt er nu een heeeeeeeel grooooote fan bij ik vind je blog geweldig,

    groetjes Irma en zeker tot later:-))

  2. Ik ken het gevoel :p heb ik ook last van namelijk. Maarja misschien een groter huis kopen :p haha

  3. Je hebt je spulletjes hartstikke leuk ingericht in de kast, ziet er super uit zeg!! Ik vind eigenlijk alles wel leuk wat erin staat,de boekensteunen zijn ook heeeel skattig! En die roze maria is ook lief!

  4. i love the deer book stands, adorable! and i'm impressed by how neat your shelves look! mine are a huge mess!

    and oh, which craft books do you recommend? you have a few that that i don't have and that i'm curious about.

  5. Thanks everyone :D!

    Stina: I recommend every craftbook I own :), they
    are all so full of inspiration! I'm still
    collecting but these are the ones I own now:

    ~ Softies by Therese Lasky
    ~ Felties by Nellie Pailloux
    ~ Cute Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo
    ~ 100 applique motifs by Deborah Green (ismoyo)
    ~ Bend the rules sewing by Amy Karol
    ~ Stitched toys by Kate Haxell

    :) Nikki

  6. wat heb je die kast leuk (en netjes) ingericht :)

  7. Aww, the deer book stands are simply darling!
    I love filling up my shelves with nick-knacks >w< I think it's because I loved iSpy Books as a child, and always liked the cluttered look the pictures had. Now I try to make my surroundings the same way ^v^

  8. Wow, I am in love with your shelf!
    I also have the softies book :)