Deer & Blythe


As promised a picture of my new deer vase :)
I think it's more a planter actually:

i love that it's a tree stump too :)! Cute right?

Also, I won these on ebay and they are so adorable:

I was so happy i won these because the bidding on Ebay
can get so incredibly high :( not to mension the shipping
costs. These were well worth their money though :)!
More pictures on my Flickr!

Remember i wrote a little something about my ADG Blythe
that is in for a make over at Jodie dolls?
I have an update :D! She's getting really pretty :).
I think i will just show you pictures, they speak for
themselves ;). The pictures are property from Jodie and
are NOT to be copied!

On this picture you can see how enthusiastic i was
with carving her eyes. I made them WAY too big.
Jodie polished them and will probably give the mechanism
behind the eye-socket a colour, that way it will blend
in more with the rest. She filled up the (also a little
bit enthusiastic) carving i did on the lips and carved them
again, so now they are really gorgeous!

She's becoming really pretty :)! Here Jodie experimented
with some different colours make-up, it looks really pretty
but we decided to go with brownish/peach colours because it fits
a little deer girl more :)!

That's all for today :D!
Have a great week!



  1. Oooeh, normaal hou ik niet6 zo van carved eyes, maar het is mooooi! :)

  2. Prachtige hertjes zeg! Ik denk dat de boekensteunen mijn favorieten zijn ^_^, fijne dag! Oh en voor ik het vergeet, kom je even kijken op mijn blog? Ik heb een award voor je!