And the winner is.....!

I absolutely loved doing the giveaway,
and I'm so surprised by the amount of
people that entered! More than 50, amazing!

I used a random number generator to select a
winner, and the number that came out is.. 31!
Scrolling down...counting comments..

And the winner is....

Congratulations :)! You won! Yay! Will you mail me your address?
Liefgeval at gmail dot com!

Don't go away yet, because I have a little surprise :)!
Because of the great amount of people that entered I
decided to also give away a consolation prize;
The pen and buttons from the picture above!
{ I have extra sets ;) }

And that winner is...

Number 29, Hester!
Congratulations Hester! Will you also mail me your address?

For everyone else; don't worry, more giveaways will follow!

Have a nice and sunny day!



  1. Ohhh Wat EEN motorrevisie en Give Away Wat EEN enthousiasme, Van Harte gefeliciteerd VOOR DE Twee Winnaars.

    groetjes Irma

  2. Yay! Congratulations to the winners! : )

  3. Woah! I am SO surprised! Thank you very much!



    You've got mail!

  4. Dommage!!!! But congratulations for the winners. And how nice of you to give away and extra pair!!

  5. aw crap! i didn't saw this awesome giveaway!

    i like so much your handmade cuties <3

  6. Thank you :)! No worries, more giveaways will follow ;)