Thrifting weekend with Mum

This weekend, i went thrifting with my favorite partner in crime;
Mom. Before i went i printed out the thrifting tips from
the dainty squid, and a whole bunch of thriftingstores in
Drenthe (where mom lives). Friday morning i hopped on
the train and when i arrived my mom was already waiting
for me so we decided to take a thriftshop right away.
First stop was 'Staphorst'. I have no idea what i bought here,
we went to a lot of thriftstores and i don't even remember
which one was where, but i do know that every single one was
a succes and i didn't come out empty handed :D! It was already
running a bit late, but we had time for one more that friday,
so we went to 'het goed' in 'hoogeveen'. This is a bit more expensive
thriftshop because they are more selective in what they put in it :)
but again i found cute things including a sweet toy sewingmachine :)!
Here are some pictures:

So here you see red riding hood and 'i love paris' egg cups,
little cat figurines, two vintage kids squeeky animals, A big and couple
of small owl figurines (and a bunny) and a cat teapot i couldn't
resist :) and the last picture are woodland animals, owls and
squirrels and mushrooms.

I dind't photograph everything, cause it's way to much and i still
haven't found my camera charger :( these were taken with my
phone, sorry for the bad quality.
Click on the picture to see a bigger view!

The next day, saturday, we went to four thriftingstores!
One in 'Ruinerwold' wich i remember was really cute!
I found the most prettiest cuckoo clock, but my mom really
wanted to have it so it's in her house now. She promised
me another one :)! We also went to two thriftshops in
'Meppel' and they were okay except for some ridiculous
pricing on some items. The last thriftshop we went to
was also really nice! It was in 'Dieverbrug'.
More pictures :D :

A really old circus tin, so cute! four old camera's wich all work,
already made pictures with them :)! The sweetest strawberry
shortcake lunchbox, it was soooo dirty when i found it; it
almost walked away on it's own :p i almost didn't take it but
then i remembered kaylah's wise words: everything can be
cleaned :)! Also found a lot of deer coathangers for baby's and
they are sooooo cute!!!! I almost had to leave them behind
because the woman behind the counter said they were for the
store to hang baby clothes on, so I made up this terrible lie
about being pregnant and that I didn't have any of those yet
plus looking really sad...i guess it worked :p. Shame on me ;).
On the last picture are cute owl book ends, yay! The only thing
I didn't find was an old dollhouse, but I'll keep looking for that :).

This weekend was so much fun! My mom is really the
best and i hope we are gonna do this much more often!

Did you guys have a nice easter?


  1. You found such great stuff! I am jealous of the woodland creatures and deer hangers. How fitting that your mom got the cuckoo clock, it is a spring tradition to welcome the season with one! I recently went to a thrift store and got an Owl business card holder!!

  2. Oooeh, wat heb je leuke spulletjes gevonden! :)

  3. Ariel :)! An owl business card holder, that's awesome! I didn't know that a cuckoo clock is a spring tradition, how funny :)! xo

  4. all those little kitties are so wonderful!!!

  5. Hahaha, wat een goede leugen om bestwil :-P
    Maar echt een leuke invulling van je weekend! Mijn broer kwam logeren, dus heb het ook erg naar m'n zin gehad :-D

  6. Hele leuke dingen heb je gevonden! Gezellig om zo meerdere dagen met je moeder langs verschillende kringloopwinkels te gaan! Het Goed in Hoogeveen kom ik ook regelmatig, maar daar is het wel wat duurder inderdaad. Leuk dat je die grote witte uil ook hebt gevonden! Ennnn ook nog een speelgoed naaimachientje, jouw weekend kon vast niet beter ;)

  7. Thanks girls <3
    Leuk dat je broer kwam logeren Roos :), familie
    is fijn he :)!
    Evelyn is het dezelfde uil?dat is echt grappig :D! En ook grappig dat je ook wel is in het goed in hoogeveen komt, dan woon je dus echt daar in de buurt?
    Knufsels voor jullie!

  8. Ja, ik woon echt in de buurt van Hoogeveen, Het Goed is ongeveer 20 min. rijden voor mij ^_^
    En het is inderdaad dezelfde uil, hoe toevallig, ik herkende um direct!

  9. Het blikje is gewoon te leuk! ^-^

  10. The strawberry shortcake lunchbox is super :)