Sunshine Award

Yay, me like awardies!
Today Applepiepussy gave me one, thanks so much (^_^)ε^ )!

Award rules:
~ Put the award image in your blog
~ Link back to the cutie you got it from
~ Give the award to anyone you want to
~ link to your nominees and let them know

I nominate....
*prrrrrr drumrolll*

The Forest ~ Story blog by Ariel Grimm

Hope you guys like it (^ω^)!

A little camera update:
I hate not being able to take pictures :(!
A while ago I ordered a new camera charger online.
When it came in it appeared to be a component you
needed to use with some kinda basic charger i ofcourse
did not have :(. The next day I went to the 'Handyman' and
he didn't have it in stock. He promised me he would have it
last saturday, well nope! I'm going by tomorrow and really
hope my new camera charger is waiting there for me so i can
show you my new craftroom and lots of other cute stuff!



  1. Thank you so much, you're too kind...

  2. Leuk dat je op mijn blog bent lang geweest en een volger bent geworden! Gefeliciteerd met je award, leuk he om zo gewaardeerd te worden ;-)


  3. Tnx! You´re the cutest!
    Ik ga er weer een blogje aan besteden.