New Camera

My vq1015 arrived in the mail today! Of course I immediately  took it out for a test shoot, and i love love love it! It's so tiny, as big as my thump, and it takes old looking pictures wich i dig. It's digital but doesn't have a little screen that shows what kind of picture you took so it's a bit guessing if it's pretty, but the bigger the surprise when you stick it in to your pc :). I even found special Flickr groups that only allow pictures taken with this camera or 'toycamera's' as they call it. The vq looks like this:

Isn't it cute :)? Guess it's time to show you guys some pictures i took today! The prettiest pictures were taken outside, as it has no flash. Behold...the magic!

I think this little camera will be with me wherever i go from now on :D, so there probably is much more to come!



  1. Neem volgende week maar mee naar m'n verjaardag dan, ik vergeet altjd foto's te nemen :-P O, en naar kleine Maud natuurlijk :-D

  2. Ja wauwww!! Je moet mij NU vertellen waar je die camera koopt! Supergaaaaafff!!

  3. hihi :) Roos: is goed hoor!
    Tamarah: ik vond 'm op ebay, er zijn er vast meer!

  4. That's nice :D! tamarah did so too, it's catching on :)

  5. Bij welke verkoper hebben jullie gekocht? Ik wil nl wel een beetje iemand waarvan ik zeker kan zijn!

  6. Hoi Minkeltje, de gene bij wie ik het heb besteld is 'holga-magic' uit hong kong :).