Jelly Pong Pong

While browsing the internet, I ran in to a really
cute make up label called:

It's really girly and fairy tale like, plus everything
has the most cutest packaging! But the true bonus is
that it isn't tested on animals, they have an inspiring
product philosophy and their manufacturing plants are
environmentally-conscious and cruelty-free.

Now let me show you :)!

This is eye shadow, don't you just love the little birdy?

Mascara called 'Fairy Lashes' and is also available in the
colours 'Alpine Blue' and 'Warm Violet'.

eye shadow, I am soooo in love with this little box!

Again, soooo adorable! I love blush!

I could go on and on with these cute pictures, but you
better just take a look at their website ;)

For us Dutchies; we can purchase Jelly pong pong at
this wonderful website where they have more cute
make up labels: Alice & Jo's

And have you seen Etos's new nail polish?
They now have the cutest colours!

{Etos is also not tested on animals!}

And here i am with the pink nailpolish :D
(and a new home made ring and headband)

That's all for today :)



  1. Das weer eens toevallig, ik heb net de nieuwste kleurtjes (maar dan van de Hema) nagelak gehaald. 'k Plaats er wel even een blogje over, kun je ze ook zien ^_^
    Die make-up ziet er echt super uit, fijn ook dat het niet op dieren is getest en dat het zo mooi verpakt is!

  2. Oh my, how cute! Love the cheek puff...

  3. ja lief he :D! Oh goed zo, Hema is ook proefdiervrij ;)!

  4. Ow wat zoet allemaal, zo leuk! Alleen de verpakking al, ik wordt er hebberig van ;-)