I don't have a craftroom ~ yet.
My bf put me and my crafts in the basement once :p,
he thought it was a good idea but it was really to
depressing with hardly any daylight and grey walls :(.
But working in my livingroom has so many disadvantages
(cathair everywhere, always messy, little space) that
i decided to go back to the basement. Not a grey basement
though! I finally finished painting everything white today!
There's still a lot to be done, but at least i'm making some
progress! I want to finish it this week, and when it's done
there will be lots of pictures :). I have put together some
inspiration to keep me going, wanna see?
Click on the image for a larger view ;)!

crafroom inspiration

1. ah bliss...., 2. spool rack, 3. messaround, 4. Craft Room Re-Do , 5. Studio* Kookii:Kooky, 6. New studio redo, 7. Home at last, 8. shelves, 9. FUN STUFF!, 10. Auf meinem Sideboard, 11. My Studio, 12. The Craft Room 017, 13. Corner14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

14, 15 and 16 are in my flickr favorites!

Do you have a craftroom, and what does it look like :)?


  1. Love these! Yay for getting your own space! I can't wait to see the pictures when you are finished! My craft room walls are turquoise and I am soo in love with them! : )

  2. Oooh I love turquoise! I chose white because of the bad lighting, but if that were different I definetely wouldve chose turquoise (^ω^) lovely!

  3. A craftroom is so nice to have! Good for you for painting and redecorating the basement! I'm curious about the results. I have half of a small room for my craftspace, it's not a big space but I used a good old Ikea Ivar and I have a 2x1m big desktop so it will do :) But an entire room for myself....sigh....

  4. Oeh, ik ben heel erg benieuwd! Kom gauw kijken als het af is :-D Ik heb geen werkplek (en ook geen creatieve talenten op jouw niveau), maar heb wel een heel tof bureau gezien bij de IKEA, waar ik mijn plek mee wil creeren :-D

  5. These are super!
    I sort of have a craft room but it doubles up as my bedroom. I have my own desk full of everything I need for crafting :)

  6. those craft rooms look so cute! i am also without a good craft room. my sewing machine is set up in the laundry i neeeeeed an awesome craft space :)

  7. Thanks girls! Lisette + Roos; Yay for Ikea :)! I went shopping there too. The cookie button; bedroom and craftroom is nice :) you step out of bed in to your crafts! Elycia; poor thing :( maybe you can pimp your laundry room?