I really love Blythe! I have a little girl named
Madelief (Dutch for Daisy) she's a prima dolly ashlette!

About a year ago I bought a cute ADG Aztek Arrival with
the intention to customize her.
Unfortunately I didn't came much further than carving her
lips and sort of screwing up her eyes (#^.^#)...
This poor girl was laying unfinished in a box somewhere,
a real pity. I decided she needed to go to a plastic
surgeon :p and that's where Jodie from Jodie Dolls came in!
She's a star in customizing dolls and fixing them up where
others have failed ;). She had a bit of a waitinglist, but
last week it was finally my ADG's turn and she was shipped
to Jodie :D! I asked Jodie if she could try to make her
look like a little Deer Girl \(^.^)/ and i'm very curious
about the results! It will probably take a while till she's
completely finished, but i'll keep you guys updated whenever
i can. For now, take a look at this pretty little girl:

What's your favourite Dolly (^_-)-☆ ?



  1. Wow, the last Blythe doll is quite amazing :o

  2. Thanx! Jij bent ook genomineerd door applepiepussy, als ik het goed heb gezien, dus jij ook gefeliciteerd!

  3. I love the deer girl!

    I wish I had a Rainy Day Parade, she has been my favorite foreverrrr.