Katzenjammer in Concert

Yesterday, I went to Katzenjammer!
I wrote about them before, they are
a cute chick band with a rocky-folky sound.
And they are even better live! So energetic,
so happy and so funny and cute! Two of my
cute friends went with me, and they also
loved it a lot! I made some pictures and
movies, wich are uploading now. Unfortunately
it's going very..very slow. So you'll just
have to do it with pictures for now ;)!
All 3 of us now have signed cd's of
katzenjammer, hurray! I'm certainly going
a second time when they are in the netherlands
again, and you should go too!!!!

1 comment :

  1. Hoei, dat klinkt als een leuk bandje... die ga ik onthouden :)