I did not trade my voice for legs

But it's still gone!
And I didn't pull an 'I wanna live
on land with my prince' Ariel move.

So..I haven't been seriously ill for
a long time, but now I got it..I got
it good...or actually...bad.

It began thursday with a fever and headache,
and somehow it transformed into an irritating
squeeky sound that barely makes it out of my
mouth. Luckily I can still whisper, and my
love has been answering my phonecalls for
me. But YUCK! I hate this!
I wanna sing again!

I hope I feel better soon, because I have
my mind set on transforming my basement
into a craftroom. I tried that before
but the depressive grey walls pushed
me upstairs again, so now I'm going to
try painting it all.
Keep you updated!


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