Just another late night writing, to tell you about my kitties,
loyally by my side right now. Since i spend most of the day
being at home, my kitties are my company. It doesn't matter what
i'm doing, one of them or all of them are always following
me around. When i'm behind my sewing machine, Moos tries to
play with the thread and seriously, i can't even get mad!
When i'm cleaning the bathroom, Frutsel loves to hang out with
me and make everything dirty again. And when i sleep, when i
sleep Moby curls up next to me and hasn't changed her position
when i wake up again. I really love them. Moby was my first cat,
she first belonged to my dad, but when he couldn't have her
anymore i welcomed her with open arms :). She is a little strange
one, like all of them. She also is the oldest and a little shy.
Another funny detail is that she sometimes growls like a dog when
she hears sounds she doesn't trust! So cute!


My second cat was Morus, he lives with my mom now. Morus is an
old aged gentleman with some bladder problems. Though we really
adored him, we couldn't afford his expensive diet food and he
wasn't fond of other cats. My mom offered to take him and she
can't live without him anymore :)! A really funny thing about
Morus is, that when there was a pile of clothes somewhere, he
sat on it and sort of...made love to it. Hilarious!


My third cat is Moos, or 'Pavarotti' as we sometimes call
him, because he 'sings'. When he's bored, he walks around
the house miaowing like crazy! We adopted Moos from a woman
who had about 25 streetcats in her house. He was very small
for his age and we suspected he was ill. But he was the cutest
thing we ever saw, and really fond of other cats. We took him
to the vet, he had some sort of cold and after a couple of
antibiotic treatments he was a completely different cat,
more alive (but still cute). Moos loves to lie under blankets.
Sometimes when i can't find him, i go look for bumps under
blankets and thats always a succes :).

Moos (and Moby) when we first got him:

Moos now:

My fourth and last cat is Frutsel, her story has already been
told on my blog but i'll do it again :p. Frutsel walked in to
our local pub, my friend and neighbour took her home and
immediately i fell inlove with this little girl. After a week,
my friend texted me 'do you still want this little monster?'.
YESSS! :D. So now she is with us for about..3 or 4 months i guess.
She adores Moos and they are incredibly naughty together and i
admit that sometimes they really get on my nerves. But they
are also insanely entertaining and make me laugh all the time!
Frutsel likes to come with you in the shower, the water doesn't
even really bother her! And she has no upper canines wich makes
her face funny and cute.



To make a long story short, i love my cats and can't imagine a
life without them! Now please stop me from taking more cats :p!

Give your cats a hug from me!

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  1. Cats are the best! :)
    Heerlijk die poezenbeesten... we genieten ons suf van Aagje, ook als ze onverwachts op je rug springt, haha.