I wanna be Famous!

Well...not exactly famous..
Just, you know, someone says 'liefgeval'
and the other one says 'o yeah that cute
webshop!'. Maybe I'll get there someday!
I am working on it! This month my article
in the 'Fancy' (dutch magazine) came out.
It was even more awesome than I had hoped
for. It was all the way in the back of the
magazine, and when I started flipping pages
and couldn't see anything till the end I was
almost scared that it wasn't in there! But
it was, and it tickled me:

The article says:
'This makes you happy!'
Package from liefgeval.nl
Liefgeval.nl is a webshop filled with cute stuff.
Owner Nikki likes to make people happy with the
handmade stuff she sells. Colorful products piece
by piece supercute! Extra fun: You don't see these
items a lot and some pieces are even unique! Curious?
Go see www.liefgeval.nl!
Win a package from liefgeval.nl with a little purse,
earrings , a ring and a surprise? Don't forget to go
to fancy.nl for the contest on februari 26th.

I also enroled for the CraftyGirls Crosspromotion Flyer!
This is a flyer with 7 ads from craftygirls like me, and
we all ship the flyer out to our customers so they will
have knowledge of other cute webshops too! I like it!
Pâmela from Feito Com Amor brought the idea to my attention.
She also invited me to attend a craftymarket! Wich is
one of my goals on my 2010 goal list :D! I was very

flattered when she told me she's a fan of my work <3. I already ordered a small banner to hang by my booth, and it's cuuuute! Simple but sweet :).

Time to tell you my new theme for the webshop...
some already know...

Alice in Wonderland!!! Yay!

I chose this theme because Tim Burton's
Alice in Wonderland will be in cinema's the
first week of march, exactly than the alice
goodies will be in my webshop!
I ordered a lot of cute Alice in wonderland
fabric, and started preparing. Not only
for the theme, but also for the craftymarket!
Wanna have a nicely filled up booth!

So enthusiastic about everything, I tried to
set up an Etsy shop as well! But :( you need
to have a creditcard to do so :( and I don't
have one :( and my boyfriend won't let me
have one :( and so I'm very :(.
He thinks we will spend more money with
a credit card in our possesion, and he
probably isn't wrong..:(

I think this was about it :)!
Oh wait...

<3 Happy (kitsch) Valentines day <3

Love, hugs,


  1. Leuk Nikki dat je in de Fancy staat!

  2. Hi! Oh echt? haha toevallig! Leuke webshop heb je zeg!! Ben benieuwd naar je Alice collectie ;)

  3. Nikki!
    You are Famous! Love Love Love your stuff!!!
    It does not hurt that your super darling either!

    Danica aka FlowerBedHead

  4. Don't forget about me on your way to the top hihi!
    Feito Com Amor, for a happier world

  5. Gefeliciteerd met je stukje in Fancy! Hardstikke leuk! :)