The Buddha Belly

'Are you pregnant?'
'Nikki, is there something you want to tell me?'
*whispers to a friend* 'Is Nikki pregnant?'
'My daughter saw you last summer, weren't you pregnant?'

I was under the impression that you n-e-v-e-r ask a
girl if she's pregnant if you aren't at least 99% sure
that she is! But these questions have been flying at me
a lot lately, so to clearify things up;

People, I am not pregnant! And although I would absolutely
love to have children, I can all tell you now, It won't happen
for at least a while!

And now, I will explain why my belly indeed does look like
there could be something in it. I have IBS 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome'.
And it S-U-C-K-S! If you don't know what it is, you can read
all about it here.

My belly is almost always, especially in stressful
times or when I have eaten certain food, swollen like
a balloon! When I eat something fried, I can sit on the
toilet for hours and hours with a-lot-of-pain!

I love my body, but I do find it difficult to wear
tight shirts because of it :(! And that's a real shame,
so from now on, I will wear what I like and won't care
anymore about the staring and questions! There!

:) love,

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  1. You go girl! I actually never thought you were pregnant. I myself am just fat :-P But I'm working on it :-D