A bit of Everything

Dear Everyone,

Ooooh I'm so sorry I haven't posted for a while.
Lot's of stuff going on! Very buzy with the shop
and making new items. The Matryoshka theme turned
out very lovely, and I'm currently working on the
new theme wich will enter the shop on the first of March!
Other big news is that liefgeval.nl will be covered
in a small piece in a dutch magazine called 'Fancy'.
I'm so happy! It feels like a breakthrough! I hope
all the cute fancy readers will love my liefgeval work!
If you want to see more fancy, check their website!
On februari 10th, the fancy will be in stores and
on februari 26th there will be a contest on fancy.nl
with as price 8 liefgeval packages put together by me.

I'm trying really hard to fill up the store before
the article comes out so there will be lots to buy :)!
Luckily I have the cutest friends who help me
out a lot! My neighbour, who I call 'BUUF' made
a uge lot of the cutest brooches to put on Liefgeval.
Thank you Arris you are a cutie. Tomorrow other
cutie 'Kers' will visit my humble home to help me
with Liefgeval. I'm so lucky with all my creative

Next on the list is....clothes!!!
At the moment I seem to have the biggest addiction
to clothes I ever had. I 'discovered' this new
label called 'Who's that girl' and it is soooooo
gorgeous!!! I haven't bought anything from it,
it's quite pricey so I'm waiting for the sales :P.
But will you just look at it!!!

Fabulous right? Check their website!
My other favorite is 'King Louie'.
They have sales already and I bought the cutest

Check their website!
Next on my wishlist are clogs. I must have pink clogs!
But I can't find them anywhere!!! Cry cry! Oooh I'm
being dramatic. But admit it, these rock:

Unfortunately these ones are for children.....
In summer these would look awesome underneath my
skirt collection! Speaking of which, yesterday I
made my first skirt!!! My mother in law helped me
a little, I found the pattern a bit difficult.
But it is finished now and today I bought two
new fabrics on the market for more skirts!Yay!
Here's a picture of the skirt I made, I chose
this fabric because of the cute little birdy's :D!

Lover doesn't like clothes at all. He wouldn't even
notice if he wears the same shirt for a week :p. Oh
I'm just teasing.. He really likes the clothing of
last week we put in a uge order with a lot of great shirts
only for him (they also have sale :p). When I ordered
I got a really cute email from 'Lien' who works there
and remembered me because they sold Liefgeval cuties in
their store once!!! When the package arrived I got
a suprise!! She put in a card and a present for me!
A really pretty purple scarf with tiny purple stars! SOOOO
SWEEEEET! I was so overwelmed and so gratefull that
someone would do something so nice! Lien if you are
reading this; thank you soooo much! I emailed you
but I don't know if you received the mails cause I got
a mail delivery failure back :(. Thank you!!!!

My birtday is next month :), already looking
forward to it! I'm getting a really really really
exiting present from my love. Wanna know? Are
you sitting down? It's a bit of a shock...
A tattoo!
The first letter of his name all over my back!
Just kidding ;).
Not about the tattoo though! I have wanted a
tattoo of a cute little deer for about a year
now, so I decided to go for it! I have no idea
when it's going to happen, but I'll make sure
to keep you guys updated ;).

Have a nice week everyone!
Hugs and smiles,


  1. Wat leuk allemaal Nikki! :) Fijn dat er vrienden zijn die je vooruit helpen, dat zal wel een stukje schelen in de drukte rondom de Fancy! Succes met alle creativiteit!

  2. Waaah, gefeliciteerd met het Fancy stukje! :D

    En thanks voor alle leuke shop links!