Mom, Movie and England

Today I got a visit from my mom.
She has been in South Africa for 2 months,
and I really missed her! We tried to skype
once in a while, but the connection wasn't
always that good and I really love talking to her
on the phone about lots of stuff, so I missed that!
But she's back now and we had a wonderful time today!
Love you mom!

I also watched an awesome movie this week!
'Nick and Norah's infinite playlist'

I really like Michael Cera (who plays Nick)'cause he has a real
'normal guy' look, wich is great for the realistic
feel of the movies he plays in, though he's still very
cute. You probably recognize him from 'Juno'.
And Kat Dennings (Norah), well she's just incredibly beautiful!

Friday is the big day! I'm going to England with Kers!
Were going to visit Maarie, who's studying there!
I am really looking forward to it and i'm counting on
having lots of adventures! When I'm back you will
hear everything about it!

Smiles and hugs,