Matryoshka's and lots of Cards

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I didn't wright for a while but I am very busy
updating my shop! I'm working on a huge Matryoshka update
planned for Januari, maybe sooner :D! I thought it would
be fun to set up a theme, try how that goes. So in a while
there will be matryoshka's all over the place!
Here are some pictures of things I'm experimenting with:

This is a notebook covered with felt, I ordered really
cute Matryoshka stamps for the inside!

And here are some cute matryoshka ladies made out of awesome fabric:

Today I got the cutest card from Luusje, a sweet friend
of mine. I think she actually made it herself!
And ofcourse it has a deer, I haven't really made
it a secret that I'm addicted to deer :)! Look!

Meanwhile, the first Christmas cards are starting to
cheer up my mailbox. This week I got two real special
ones; One from a friend who lives in Australia, with
the cutest little deer. And one from Evelyn, a new
friend/webshop owner colleague, with ofcourse also
a deer; Bambi!

I really love cards, I have a bunch lying around
that just had to be bought:

Last but not least, I want to sent some thanks to
my cute friends Kers, Lies and Ghislaine! They have
also been sending me cute cards lately. Love you guys!

Hugs and smiles,

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  1. Wauwie, wat ben je weer goed bezig met leuke dingetjes maken! Mooie kaartjes heb je ook liggen. Bij de Hema kun je ook altijd zulke leuke scoren, 'k zag al wat kaartjes liggen die ik ook heb verstuurd (maar goed, inmiddels weten we wel dat we veel dingen allebei hebben:))