Sensitive much?

I often wonder, how did i get so sensitive?
I was just watching animal planet when the
WSPA commercial passed by. Skinny dogs, little
bears with chained paws and all sorts of
animal abuse. I hate that. Every time i see
something like this, my eyes fill up with tears.
And at night, when i'm trying to sleep, the
images of the poor animals flash through my head.
I wish i could do more then just my monthly donations,
but I feel so powerless.
Animals are not the only thing i'm sensitive about;
criticism, arguments, someone else's sadness...
There is always something that occupies my
overflowing mind.
Lately i noticed that it's sort of standing in
the way of my being happy, so i decided i'm going to
do something about it.
And i'm not ashamed to admit it, i'm going to
get some therapy sessions again! Yay the word is out!
I hope i'm not getting to personal with this on my
blog. But i strongly feel that it isn't something
to be ashamed of, and it feels good to get it out
of my system.
I will not make a habit out of writing stuff like this though!
Tomorrow i'll be back with lots of cuteness, promise!
Thanks for 'listening' :)!

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