Thrift Shoppin

Today I went to the 'recyclecentre'.
It's a huge shop where people dump
their old junk so it can be sold against
low prices to people who like me.
Because very often, what someone else thinks
of as ugly, I find awesome!
It looks like this:

I was there a week ago with my sort of stepmom,
(actually she is more like a dear friend who
had a relationship with my dad, they have two

beautiful kids together 'my babybrothers <3', and then they sort of broke up again. But I love them all!) and we saw a really precious tin owl figurine with two little owls that you could put in the big one. At that moment I didn't really find it interesting, but today I decided I sort of did wanted it and I went back get it! But it was gone!!! Luckily I found a pretty replacement owl that I also liked <3!

When I was on my way back home, I came across
Huge piles of leafs!(or is it leaves?)

Don't you just feel like you want to jump into them like a
little child!? I wanted to, but somehow I didn't..
maybe it was my pretty new red coat that held me back :).

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