My Deer(est) Mug!

I had a very lazy day today!
I slept till almost midday, spent
the afternoon awake lying on the couch
with my laptop, and fell asleep again
when it was almost evening. Just when I
was starting to have weird dreams about
staples in my back (I always have very weird dreams)
I was rudely awakened by my lovely boyfriend who
wanted me to go grocery shopping with him.
At first I was a bit cranky, but he put up his
cute face and so I went with him. Something I'm
really grateful for now, because I found the most
cutest mug!!! And if I bought 3 boxes of tea I
could have it for half the price. I happen to
love tea so I didn't really have to think about it.
Do you want to see this cute mug? I knew you did:

It's a DEER!!!YAY!Wanna guess what 'Hertje' means :)?
I am so totally in love with it! It's going to be my
absolute favorite mug from now on!
The artist who designed it is 'Babette', she
makes a lot of these cute 'childish' illustrations.
Want to see more of her? Check


  1. That's an adorable mug indeed. Just found your blog, it's lovely!

  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear that someone actually reads my blog! haha!

  3. The deer is so cute!
    I have one of those cups saying "liefebees" with the sweetest ladybug on it ^-^

  4. Oh yeah I like that one too! It actually
    is second on my wishlist! Ladybugs rule!