Today boyfriend and I welcomed a new
'familymember' into our home. It's a
cute kitty named 'Frutsel'. She was
found walking into our local pub and
her original owner hasn't shown up yet,
and I hope he won't cause I totally
adore Frutsel. She now is about 5 months
old, and fits in well with my other two
cats, they're all black and white.
'Moby' and 'Moosje' the other two are
a little overwelmed by this new addition
to the family, but they all sniffed eachothers
noses and Frutsel is now sleeping in the
bedroom, while Moby and Moosje are by my
side on the sofa in the livingroom.
Tomorrow they will meet again, we'll see how
it goes.

Frutsel did gave us a little scare today!
I found blood in her droppings, and after
an examination she appears to have worms :(.
It doesn't surprise me, cause she was so
hungry all the time though she didn't looked
skinny. Poor little thing. Stupid careless old
I really hope she's going to have a good life
with us, and that she, Moby and Moosje will get
along fine! I'll keep you updated!
xoxo Nikki


  1. Aww! Ik hoop dat ze snel beter is!

    Superlieve naam, Frutsel :D

  2. Dankje!
    De naam komt uit het kinderboek 'deesje' van Joke
    van Leeuwen. Daar vind Deesje een zwerfkatje
    dat ze Frutsel noemt, dus vond het wel
    toepasselijk, hihi :)