La Marelle

Most of you already know 'La Marelle',
but I will wright about it anyway because
it's all so incredibly pretty!
La Marelle is a french label with lot's
of artists who make the most beautiful things.
Here in Holland, lots of (web)shops already
gave way to these gorgeous things, luckily
for me so I can buy my ass of!
The designs from 'Nathalie Lété' are very
popular, understandable, just look at them:

I myself am completely enchanted by Nicoletta Ceccoli:

And Adolie Day:

But Benjamin Lacombe, Mlle Héloïse and Peggy Nille
are also great!

A while ago, I made a hyve (this is a dutch webcommunity)
for La Marelle, here you can find information about where
to buy the products and more.

And since were talking about hyves, I would love
for you to take a look at these:

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